How To Streamline Costs
Without Sacrificing Excellence

PJS Partners LLC is unlike any other consulting group in the Cosmetics and Household Products Industries.

  • We offer Research and Development at the most expert level from scientists renowned in their field, augmented by targeted Marketing and incisive Writing – a combination found in no other consultant group.
  • We offer the full-range capabilities of skilled full-time employees without the economic commitments of long-term employment or fringe benefits.
Creating and marketing a successful product is challenging enough in a booming economy - even more difficult now. Even so, you don’t want to stop producing products and you still seek growth.

PJS Partners was founded on the concept that to create the perfect product combined with the best means of presenting it to the consumer it is imperative for Research, Development and Marketing to act in concert. But this ideal is often unrealized. The combined talents and mutual respect among the PJS partners lets us create an honest dialog for creativity among ourselves and with your company. As a result, we can speak to R&D, Marketing and Sales in their own terms.

Advanced Technology and Targeted Marketing are rare commodities. But reduced corporate staffs and high turnover -- specifically in Research and Marketing -- have made reliance on outside help a necessity. Personal and Household Products companies are increasingly turning to skilled consultants for expertise, guidance and information on significant trends and innovations. Let PJS Partners LLC help you maintain the high competitive level vital to profitability.