What We Do

Not every project would seem to directly involve each of us. You may only need a patented formulation (John’s specialty) or a comprehensive overview of CARB regulations (Steve) or an analysis of an undervalued target consumer (Peter). But in all cases, the input of each of the partners is relevant to the final product. You cannot create a successful product or a campaign or a website without an understanding of every aspect of it. This is why many products ultimately fail. This is why PJS Partners can maximize your chances for success.

Work with us on:

  • Product Formulation: Skin care, hair care, soaps, body washes, home fragrances, household cleaners
  • Raw materials
  • Regulatory Understanding
  • Green Chemistry and Marketing
  • Fragrances of all types and scope
  • Technical presentations
  • Marketing presentations
  • Demographic and psychographic analyses
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Websites